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Confidence through clothes.

We’re Elin and Tanja.

We are Style My.


Elin is a stylist and co-founder of the UK’s most successful personal styling company Style Doctors. With her in-depth knowledge of both the high street and designer shops,coupled with her warm and vibrant personality, customers return to the her time after time. With over 10 years’ experience as a personal stylist Elin has a wide range of clients from all walks of life. Elin regularly appears on television and radio as a respected style expert, contributing to programmes on the BBC, ITV, Sky TV, Five and the Lorraine Show.

She is a regular public speaker at style events and seminars across the country for companies like Marks and Spencer and Westfield. As well as seeing individual clients and helping them in all aspects of their style and confidence, Elin works with large and small companies on team building seminars. She also works with agencies promoting confidence and getting women back into work.

‘I love fashion and I love people. Pure and simple. I spend my life meeting new people and I get just as much out of helping them as they get from me. I get am immense sense of fulfilment from making people feel good about themselves’.


Tanja is a qualified stylist, personal shopper, fashion consultant and author and she is renowned for her work and credibility in the industry. Tanja can seamlessly move from casual to sophisticated and delights her clients with her insightful creativity.

Her consultative and approachable manner makes her a popular choice for bookings, as does her ability to effectively communicate and meaningfully connect with each brief. Tanja’s attention to detail, organisation, flexibility and trend analysis gives her the tools to express her vision along with any creative team she is teamed up with. She has been featured in various editorials and has presented numerous fashion/lifestyle workshops and events. She has worked with designers and retailers across all markets and has in-depth understanding of clients from all spectrums.

As the Creative Director of an international Styling Consultancy ID Couture (IDC),Tanja is committed to, and has a reputation for, creating captivating visual solutions across all fields. She is also a dedicated professional trainer, educator and mentor to aspiring stylists and is committed to growing the industry with future style professionals.

I’m passionate about sharing my years of experience with aspiring stylists and giving them real life training. So you want to be a stylist? The best way to know this is to spend a day with a stylist!

Areas of expertise:

      • Personal Styling & Shopping
      • Styling Women & Men
      • Editorial
      • Film & TV Sourcing / Wardrobe
      • Celebrity & Red Carpet
      • Retail Training
      • Creative Consulting
      • Personal Branding
      • Concierge
      • Online Styling
      • Stylist Training‏


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Confidence through clothes!