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Online Stylist Training

With the ever rising use of digital platforms as a means of styling, we cannot stress enough the importance for the need of stylists with the experience and training that could help others to excel in the job of their dreams. With such busy lives that we lead many of us struggle to find the time for that much needed retail therapy to brighten up our wardrobes. Online styling can be a quick and easy way for those who may not enjoy navigating their way around giant shopping centres hunting for clothes they desire. We often find ourselves putting trust in online personal shoppers of many well known brands such as John Lewis, Marks and Spencer,Thread and ASOS to pick out our wardrobes, however would you put your trust in a computer alone to pick out your clothes. For this reason we must remember the need for expertly trained stylists who are able to provide a successful online service, while really getting to know their customers needs.

The Path To Personal Growth 

Online styling can help change peoples lives and lead to personal growth whilst building new confidence through their own self image and how they are perceived by others. Some people struggle with finding clothing that suits their own body type and other physical demographics, this is where the stylists come in. Online stylists provide an accessible way to communicate their ideas with consumers to help update their looks, whilst on the move or in the comfort of their own home. With the training and skills that online stylists carry, they can help provide the customer with their new fashionable look suited to them.

Online Stylist Workshops 

If you feel you would like to get the training or build upon the skills you currently have as an online personal stylist, book one of our training courses now with our two lead stylists Tanja and Elin who will share their knowledge and skills in the industry as well as their own experiences and journeys. To book one of our online courses go to our workshops page.


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