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Stylist Industry Training Experts

At Style My we would love to make an impact on the young and aspiring generation of creatives. We feel it is essential that students get a practical and hands on experience of the industry before stepping out of university and college. Our aim is to give students a professional insight into how the industry works. Further more to develop their skills in order to succeed. With first hand training from our real stylists Tanja and Elin in real time you are taking your next steps into becoming apart of the fashion world.

The Ever Changing Fashion and Styling Industry

The fashion and styling industry is always changing and developing. With this in mind we must keep students aware of the changes in industry and give them knowledge and skills needed to pursue their career. Tanja and Elin lead trainers at Style My have designed a variety of training workshops that are suitable for anyone at any level. The training programme is very versatile and can be fit into any curriculum of work. The workshops give students the opportunity to get a feel for what a day as a stylist involves. This involves client profiling to assessing body shapes and colours. The workshop also takes students into a real life retail environment.

Student College and University Workshops

We would love to make a difference to a new generation of students. Giving them the opportunity to gain valuable and essential industry experience. If you would like us to come and visit at your university or college as a guest speaker, or would like to book one of our interactive stylist workshop please get in touch. To find out more information about the workshops we offer and how we can add more industry value to your learners click here.


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