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Our Stylist Training Brisbane Experience

We are passionate about following the journey of our stylists in training after their Stylist Masterclass and we are incredibly inspired by what they achieve in such a short time. Our two Australian rising stars Stacey and Lynne share their experience.

Stacey O’Keeffe is the Editor-in-Chief at Fashion Weekly and she recently attended our Stylist Training in Brisbane.

I recently attended Style My’s Stylist Workshop in Brisbane and I was absolutely impressed. It’s a valuable and intimate experience where you can safely assume that you may have to expect the unexpected! Tanja and Elin are beautiful people who ran the course efficiently and professionally. It was an engaging 7 hours where I felt like I was on the edge of me seat eagerly awaiting to learn more.

I’m thrilled and thankful to have taken part in this one day workshop and would highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking to broaden their horizons, understand style, colour and bodyshapes as well as build confidence in the world of fashion.It’s a wonderful experience and what I’ve learnt has been invaluable!


Since attending our Masterclass Stacey has launched Fashion Weekly Stylist

Lynne Coulsen decided to come on our Stylist Masterclass in Brisbane to learn more about how to grow her styling business for the over 40’s market.

Post masterclass my styling career appears to be heading into the 40+ zone. Special occasion shopping; career clothes, colours and transitions to new lifestyles such as retirement. All in all I am creating an exciting new path for the remainder of my working life and my own transition to retirement! The styling masterclass has taken a known passion for clothing, dressmaking and fashion and taught me a whole new set of skills, gaining knowledge and insight into my calling! This has been a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow.

We all have the option to change career paths; we don’t have to stick with what we’ve been doing.

We just have to believe that it’s possible and go for it! Lynne gets teased by her sailing and non-sailing girlfriends for being the toughest girly girl they know! Book a style session with Lynne in Brisbane Australia get in touch via email 


Style My is all about supporting the stylists in the industry and mentoring all our students in achieving the most out of their service. Whether styling is a career or a hobby it demands real commitment and real hands on experience, if you would like to take your styling passion to a new level book your next training with us.

Keep styling everyone!


About Style My

Style My is all about giving people confidence through clothes whether it's by having a styleover or by becoming stylists themselves.

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