Types of stylists in the Industry
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Types of Stylists

There are many types of stylists in the industry and various pathways to take during your career as a stylist. We have put together a brief description of each type of stylist. Many of which you may have come across during your research to help you identify better what area you would like to explore.

Personal Shopper

The role of a personal shopper is to primarily provide an expert advice service. Helping their customer with their fashion choices. Suggesting clothing options that meet their customers needs and an enhanced buying experience. Personal shoppers usually work for a department store or a single brand in store or online.

Personal Stylist

Personal stylists assist their clients in achieving their desired look and finding clothing and accessories that suit their customers tastes, body type and colour preferences. Any individual can use the services provided by a personal stylist. Personal stylists can work across many brands, shopping destinations within various retail spaces or online.

Editorial Stylist

Working closely alongside art directors, photographers, designers and fashion editors. The main role of an editorial stylist involves organising and putting together outfits for shoots.These may be featured inside fashion magazines or publications in print or digital formats. Editorial stylists need to have a sound knowledge of advertising and commercial awareness as well as good relationships with designers, brands and other creative team members such as hair, makeup, production and production. They need to invest time in researching trends and always keeping ahead in the fashion forecast.

Lifestyle Stylist

Lifestyle stylists not only focus on how their client looks but also their personal brand. This can be anything from selecting beauty products to diet and leisure activities. These type of stylists work closely with talent management to ensure their client is always on ‘brand’ in their photos or public appearances.

Film / TV / Events Stylist

Being a film stylist involves styling actors and media personalities who appear on TV, hosted events or in films. This will mean responding to a brief correctly in terms of the clothing and accessories and anything else that will ensure the right message is being conveyed to the fans and audience of the media client or story.

Interior Stylist

Interior stylists work across all interior projects and their job is to make space or sets look aesthetically pleasing. Conceptualising new and innovative ideas for images that will appear in magazines and catalogues or private and commercial projects. It is important that the overall result excite customers making them want to run out and buy the things they see.

Prop Stylist

While many of us are curious about what a prop stylist does, the clue is in the name. Prop stylists gather up suitable ‘props’ and use them to create captivating compositions for photoshoots, events or film productions.

Celebrity & Private Stylist

Primarily in demand by celebrities and the elite these stylists work with clients who are mainly seeking luxury and high end products on an on-going basis. The private stylist is usually on call and will coordinate day to day looks for their clients.

Our Workshops

To become any type of stylist it involves having a keen eye for fashion, detail and excellent people’s skills. You must also be highly organised and self motivated. To learn how to become a well rounded stylist join us in one of our masterclasses and workshops. Our workshops are for anyone at any level. Whether you are looking to build upon on the skills you currently hold, or train your team of stylists. Our workshops will help you provide exceptional experience and results for your clients in any area of styling you would like to pursue.


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